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ANTI HUMAN P-SELECTIN. Labelled with fluorescein.



Human P-selectin (recombinant)

Chicken White Leghorn

Suitable for detection of platelet activation by flow cytometry. The antibodies have been shown to react with activated human and porcine platelets.

Chicken IgY in 0.15M NaCl, 0.02M NaH2PO4, 0.1% NaN3, pH 7.2.

+4 to +8° C

Blood samples were collected in 5 mL sodium citrate tubes (367704, Becton Dickinson, Rutherford, NJ). Platelet-rich plasma was isolated by centrifugation at room temperature. 5 mL platelet-rich plasma was added to polystyrene tubes containing 100 mL HEPES-buffer (137 mmol/L NaCl, 2.7 mmol/L KCl, 1 mmol/L MgCl 2 , 5.6 mmol/L glucose, 1 g/L bovine serum albumin, and 20 mmol/L HEPES, pH 7.4) and 10 mL FITC labelled chicken antibody. The samp-les were incubated for 10 minutes at room temperature and were then diluted and fixed with 1000 mL ice-cold PBS (0.02 mol/L Na 2 HPO4, 0.15 mol/L NaCl, 0.02% NaN 3 , pH 7.2), containing 1 % p-formaldehyde. No washing steps were used. The samples were analyzed utilising an Epics Profile XL-MCL cytometer (Coulter Electronics, Hialeah, FL). Data processing from 5,000 platelets was carried out with the XL software (Coulter Electronics).