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Extraordinary General Meeting of Immun System I.M.S. AB

Immun System I.M.S. AB will enter into voluntary liquidation

At the Extraordinary General Meeting on November 29, 2019, a unanimous ownership decision was made to approve the Board's proposal that Immun System I.M.S. AB shall enter into voluntary liquidation. An underlying reason for the decision is the negative results from the phase III study for the product Anti-Pseudomonas IgY. With this, the Company's Board of Directors has made the assessment that the Company in its current form and structure lacks the prospects for long-term development and that the business plan that has been developed cannot be implemented.

Immun System I.M.S. AB sells all products within research and diagnostics

At the same Extraordinary General Meeting, a decision was also made to divest the Protein A ELISA kit and the existing stock of antibodies. Production, quality assurance, sales, support and handling of these products will be taken over by IgY Lab Systems AB, a company formed by Anders Larsson, Johan Stålberg and Kajsa Wejåker. All the owners of the new company have been active in IMS for many years and cover the entire necessary area of expertise for these products. Therefore, in practice, the transition should not result in any dramatic change for existing customers. Questions about the transition can be asked directly to IMS at info@immunsystem.se, or to IgY Lab Systems at info@igylabs.com.

Briefly about the people in the new company:

Anders Larsson, Professor of Clinical Chemistry - Founded IMS in 1983. Has a large number of publications within applications of IgY and is an authority in the field. Anders has played an important role in development and support at IMS and will have the same roles in the new company.

Johan Stålberg, MSc in Analytical Chemistry - Has worked in or with IMS since 1998 and has been a board member since 2015. Johan has had an important role in project management and quality assurance in IMS and will have the same roles in the new company.

Kajsa Wejåker, MSc in Business Management - Is a part owner of IMS and has worked indirectly with IMS since 2015 through the company OVA Production AB, that handles animal care. Kajsa will have the same roles in the new company and provide an important link to the first steps in antibody production.

For info and order, please contact IgY Lab Systems at info@igylabs.com.


Protein A ELISA

Our Protein A ELISA is specific, highly sensitive and designed to detect protein A contamination in samples with high amount of antibodies.